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【R35】GReddy DCT ビレットオイルパン(DCT Billet Oil Pan)


GReddy DCT ビレットオイルパン(DCT Billet Oil Pan)



This is a billet oil pan with a adonized finish. The pan comes with 2 drain holes so there wont be any left overs after draining the oils. For the additional drain, we use a 5000 gauss magnetic drain bolt to collect the iron debris so the maintenance cycle will be lengthened.  The baffle plates inside the pan are newly designed to feed the oil through the oil strainer constantly. The volume capacity of the oil will be same as stock one. For installation, oil pan will require to use an OEM magnet, drain tube, and drain plug.
* Please use a new gaskets when installing.





適合車種:ニッサン GT-R



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